Where Muslims can pray at Tokyo Disney Resort ?


If you or your friends are muslims,it is very important to know the place of praying.

There are places where you pray at Tokyo Disney Resort.

Where Muslims can pray at Tokyo Disney Resort ?

Muslims can pray at Tokyo Disney Sea.

It is possible to pray in front of the station chief of the train’s attraction called Disney Sea Electric Railway. (this picture’s place)

There is a restroom next to attraction “Disney Sea Electric Railway”, so you can also do Wudu.

Notes of pray

  1. Bring Matt
  2. Ask for permission to the cast member when using space
  3. If the cast member does not understand, please carefully contact you to call out who understands the matter.

Cast member of Tokyo Disney Resort are good person and very kindly of guests.

But,most cast member are lack of knowledge of Islam (and other international affairs).

I hope you will not be angry with them, but be tolerated with a generous heart.

Sample of asking cast members if you want to pray

In English: Excuse me, can I use the front of the station chief for pray?

In Japanese: Sumimasen, reihai no tame ni ekich?-shitsu no mae o tsukatte mo iidesu ka? (Roman reading)

In English: I would like to pray at 9 o’clock but can we pray at that time?

In Japanese: ku-Ji ni reihai o okonaitai nodesuga, sono-jikan ni reihai o okonau koto wa dekimasu ka?

If any questions,please send message to you.