Stella Lou ~a new character appeared in Tokyo Disney Sea~


We met a new character in Tokyo Disney Sea Mar.23.

This new character’s name is “Stella Lou”

She is a little bunny and has a great dream of becoming a professional dancer & dancing on the Broadway stage.

Pretty lavender colored girl appeared in Tokyo Disney Sea and She is appointed to the new entertainment of the leading actor soon begin.

Stella Lou

Stella Lou is a little lavender-colored girl bunny with cute ears and starry eyes.

She dreams of dancing on the Broadway stage.

Episode of Stella Lou

OLC’s press release states that…..

One day, Duffy came to American Waterfront and saw a little girl bunny named Stella Lou who was practicing a dance in front of the S.S. Columbia.

When she stumbled, Duffy called out to her in concern.

Stella Lou told Duffy that she dreamed of becoming a dancer.

Duffy thought that a dream was just something you had when sleeping, but Stella Lou explained that a dream is also seeing what you want to be when you grow up.

Stella Lou was practicing so hard, Duffy was sure her dream would come true.

Because of meeting Duffy,Stella Lou is able to appear in Tokyo Disney Sea & Many guest.

Meet & Greet with Stella Lou

We have a chance to meet and Greet with Stella Lou from this spring.

Greeting Program “Stella Lou’s Greeting Drive”

Stella Lou will be joined by Mickey Mouse and Duffy on a specially decorated Big City Vehicle to greet Guests in American Waterfront.

  • Period:April 4 to August 31, 2017
  • Venue: New York area of American Waterfront
  • Performances: 1-3 Daily
  • Duration: About 15 minutes

New Greeting Show “Steps to Shine”

Period:July 11, 2017 through March 19,2018

Stella Lou will appear in Dockside Stage.

Digest of new show

Mickey Mouse and Duffy prepare a stage where she can put her dancing practice to the test.

Minnie Mouse,Shellie May and Gelatoni also lend a hand as their new friend strives to make her dream come true.

Guests can enjoy interacting with Duffy,Stella Lou and friends in the greeting segment of
the show, and share in the joy as Stella Lou takes her first steps towards achieving her dream.

  • Period: July 11, 2017 through March 19, 2018
  • Venue: Dockside Stage in American Waterfront
  • Duration: About 20 minutes
  • Performances: 4 to 6 Daily
  • Number of Performers: 12
  • Participating Characters: Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Duffy, Shellie May, Gelatoni,
    Stella Lou (She is main cast,not Mickey and Minnie)

And,many merchandise is scheduled.

Lovely Plush,sweet deserts,special menu,and so on.

Why does Stella Lou appear in Tokyo Disney Sea

For OLC, They put their business life on the theme park business

A new character brings much money.

It is very important thing for them to survive.

But,it is not real reason to appear in Stella Lou because her related products can be sold.

Anxiety about attracting guests

The background of the new character appearance is that the anniversary year event ended and OLC felt uneasy about attracting guests.

They tried to maintain or increase the number to attract guests by making to appear the new character.

Made what Family guest wanted

OLC focuses attention on family guest.

Family ‘s number of times to visit is once a year or not.

But They Spent much money,and money amount is enough to satisfy OLC.

So,OLC finely investigated and analyzed the guest’s orientation with a lot of money and effort to have the family layer use more money than now.

As a result, the guest created a new character they wanted.

Thus,Stella Lou is produced.

OLC assumes such a situation.

A small daughter asks parents to see Stella Lou’s plush.

She loves “Kawaii” Character,and her mother does.

Many families will come to TDS once a year or a few years,not frequency.

What OLC expects to a lot of money using to merchandise in the family guest, especially coming to TDR from living far away .

They only occasionally come because they use their daunting money at the time when they come to TDR.

Whatever the managerial circumstances, if you are interested in Stella Lou, We recommend you consider visiting Tokyo DisneySea.

It might be fun to watch the growth of the new star with all the enthusiastic fans in Japan.