History of Tokyo Disney Resort


We tell the History of Tokyo Disney Resort.

Tokyo Disney Resort is the capital of the Walt Disney Company does not contain any, becomes the world’s only theme park.

History of Tokyo Disney Resort

Tokyo Disney Resort is a generic term that refers to the facility the following group.

  • Tokyo Disney Land
  • Tokyo Disney Sea
  • Disney-related hotels
  • Maihama IKSPIARI

Management, management and operation is made up of Oriental Land Co., Ltd. (OLC).

And the company’s affiliates, except the official hotel is “OLC Group” have done.

In the Disney resort in the world is a management and operation by only licensing agreement, Capital of Disney to the management and operation company is not at all contained.

(Disney-related copyright and trademark business is Walt Disney Japan plays across the board, Oriental Land is in charge only management and operation of the Tokyo Disney Resort.)


That the president had been Mr. Chiharu Kawasaki of Keisei Electric Railway came to visit the 1958 Disneyland Park is the beginning of everything.

The Keisei Electric Railway that Kawasaki has served as president in 1960 and landfill Chiba Prefecture Urayasu off the coast, planning of commercial land and residential land development and large-scale leisure facilities.

At that time at the end of the investment of more than one company in order to carry out this business operations, was established company becomes the Oriental Land Co., Ltd..

So, Kawasaki is strong impressed Kawasaki through the actual tour decided to invite Disneyland in this landfill.

Repeated negotiations over negotiations 10 years to the Walt Disney Company, Walt Disney Company and Oriental Land Co., Ltd. in 1979 entered into a basic agreement.

“Tokyo Disneyland” was opened on April 15, 1983.

On September 4, 2001 as the second of the Park “Tokyo Disney Sea” is opened.

Related facilities is also more complete.

Start to Tokyo Disney Resort

In addition, OLC declare the Tokyo Disney Resort, a year before the Tokyo Disney Sea is opened.

Make the transition to the theme resort, such as the Walt Disney World in Florida.

Ability to attract customers of the Tokyo Disney Resort in the world of theme parks is unplug the group, Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom to the then Tokyo Disneyland is the second largest, Tokyo Disney Sea is so proud of attracting the number of the third largest in the world Become.