Welcome “TDR GUIDE”

Welcome “TDR GUIDE”

TDR GUIDE is a guide site for the tourists who visited to the Tokyo Disney resort(TDR), from the country in English-speaking countries, Chinese-speaking countries, and Spanish-speaking countries.

Before for Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020, many tourists from oversea visit to TDR.

And They spent a great time to enjoy.

However, I think that there is little really required information towards the tourist from overseas.

Then,We decide to start up web site “TDR GUIDE” ,because we think we need to tell the infomation of pleasant experience and a certain matters about TDR in where visited 30 millions people every year.

The biggest sales point of this site “TDR GUIDE” is published focusing on original information which never appears in an overseas traveler-oriented guidebook.

All the members of writing owned the annual passport, and we are well versed in the Tokyo Disney resort.

The excellent members offer the information which supports your wonderful experience in the Tokyo Disney resort.

We promise we put sincerity and write many articles.

please check this web site “TDRGUIDE” thoroughly.

Author in Chief : Dick Lee